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My arms collect the memory of my grand parents and my ancestors, from the ancient traditions and history of my people.

Through Arimani’s food and wine experiences, I would like to reveal all the secrets of longevity in Sardinia, travelling together on a path that branches off into three key points of Sardinian life: lifestyle, wine, food.

I will teach you to work the ancient pasta of my land, sharing memories, emotions, sensations, history: from mixtures with organic flours and semolina, to the most varied and ancient shape of pasta, bread and sweet, working with ancien tools.

You will taste the food of the centenarians and drink the wine of the eternal youth.

Arimani’s experiences are a journey through time, a dip in to the past in one of the oldest land in the world.

You will admire the most unique and rare products in the world.

I wait for you in my world to live today as Arimani, yesterday.



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Via Vincenzo Piro, 20

Vittoria Arimani di Simonetta Bazzu