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Experience in Battista with Vittoria Arimani

Presentation, welcome invitation.


Our journey begins by knowing the sardinian lifestyle and their domestic work activities.

In the family home, inside the Gallura farmhouse (stazzo) on a massive table that was once the heart of on old tree, we will mix water and semolina and shape two types of ancient pasta. I will tell you anecdotes and stories making your mind relax. When the head is fine the body is fine.

This is the first step in longevity.


We know the  wine of eternal youth.

We will move inside the village to visit the small artisan winery and learn about our wine, the Battista wine, and the stages of processing with the ancient method. You will smell the scents, taste the flavors and admire the colors.

This is the second stage of longevity.


An healthy and long life, what do sardinian eat?

During the comvitality of the meal, throught be tasting of various courses, we will return to the first stage of longevity.

I will conquered your palates with flavors of Arimani (yesterday), the food of my ancestors, the products of one of the most ancient lands in the world and among the many dishes, one in particular will surprise and excite you, leaving you with the memory of a magical holiday in the land of Nuraghi, of crystalline sea, of millenary traditions.


Battista, my little village over 200 years old, where my ancestors were born and where I will guide you on a journey through time between granite walls, the typical reed roofs of the houses of peasant families, a tiny artisan winery, a house museum where you will admire traditional products and tools, surrounded by the scent of wild mint and in the fragrance of bread baked in a wood oven.


This is the part where we begin to the longevity journey.

Via Vincenzo Piro, 20

Vittoria Arimani di Simonetta Bazzu